• Address: 7521 Fay Ave, San Diego, CA 92037
  • Email Address: info@radajiujitsu.com
  • Phone: (619) 373-2038

Visitors Information

Visitors Information


• Please be advised that visitors are only permitted with prior approval, and must be referred by the owner school or be a student of one of our affiliate or friend gyms worldwide. For more information, please contact us at info@radajiujitsu.com.
• Uniform Policy: White or Blue Gi + Black Rash Guard underneath with no other affiliation patches, T-shirts are not allowed under the Gi;
• Please call or email info@radajiujitsu.com to reserve your spot in class.


• Bow when entering and exiting the mat;
• Greet teammates and shake everyone’s hand upon entering the mat;
• Always be respectful, control yourself and avoid inappropriate language, actions, gestures and expressions;
• Do no remove Gi tops or rash guard on the mat;
• Keep fingers and toenails short, trimmed and clean;
• Students must sit or stand in good posture;
• All training gear and bags should be left in the compartments under the benches;
• No cell phone use in dojo area;
• If you are late, wait outside of the mat until the professor gives you permission to join;
• Only apply as much force as needed, never intentionally harm anyone;
• Ask instructor’s permission before exiting the mat;
• No food on the mat;
• When instructor assigns a task, continue doing the task until the instructor says otherwise. You can never drill a position too many times;
• Be humble, leave your ego at the door;
• Have fun!